1. Nowhere Else4:221.29$
  2. I Wonder3:461.29$
  3. Nathan Road4:011.29$
  4. I've Been Here Before4:291.29$
  5. Temptation4:121.29$
  6. Losing You5:271.29$
“To the Moon” is the second EP of the upcoming independent indie artist Enay, released in April 2020. This album is represented by 6 songs, which mostly contain elements of rock, grunge, blues, and soul. We already know “Nathan Road”, which was rerecorded with much heavier sound and grunge vibes. Also we can see some grunge influence in the songs “I Wonder” and “Nowhere Else”. “To the Moon” is also represented by soft-rock and soul melodies as in “Losing you” and “Temptation”.
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To the Moon

Release Date : April 24, 2020
Artist : ENAY
Format : Digital Download