1. Nowhere Else4:221.29$
  2. I Wonder3:461.29$
  3. Nathan Road4:011.29$
  4. I've Been Here Before4:291.29$
  5. Temptation4:121.29$
  6. Losing You5:271.29$
The EP “To the Moon”, released in April 2020, was the second release of the independent indie artist. This EP is represented by 6 songs, which mostly contain elements of rock, grunge, blues, and soul. “I Wonder” is the most significant and recognizable song from the release. This song appeared in a documentary about the frontman of Alice In Chains Layne Staley that has got over 600k views on YouTube. “I Wonder” was broadcasted at a local radio station in Brentwood, UK. Also, the EP includes a few soft-rock ballads, such as “Losing You” and “Temptation”.
“I Wonder” and “Nathan Road” are the songs that characterize the unique style of ENAY, which he continues to grow in the new EP. “Haunting 01” is a set of four fictional stories with groovy enigmatic melodies and thoughtful lyrics. ENAY defines the genre of his songs as “haunting, melancholic and dramatic at the same time."
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To the Moon

Release Date : April 24, 2020
Artist : ENAY
Format : Digital Download