1. Nathan Road4:040.99$
  2. Cold Souls4:140.99$
  3. Sunday Morning3:500.99$
  4. Secret Place4:120.99$
  5. Some Time Ago4:190.99$
  6. How Long Have I Been in Love?4:580.99$
  7. Eternal2:210.99$
Tape Deck, released in May 2019, is a set of reflective feelings and memories along with new experiences. Sometimes we need to look back and take a retrospective view of our lives in order to determine our future. This music is deeply sentimental and has a soft rock touch as in Cold Souls and Sunday Morning. The time of writing the songs for this EP coincided with Enay’s long trip to Asia. The contrast he saw in this countries is expressed in Nathan Road.Tape Deck portrays ENAY as a young but very ambitious singer and songwriter.
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Tape Deck [DEMO EP]

Release Date : May 24, 2019
Artist : ENAY
Catalog ref. : 79542
Format : Digital Download