1. Selfish Heart3:451.29$
  2. The Killer and the Victim4:341.29$
  3. Bobby Bates3:421.29$
  4. The Crone3:581.29$
ENAY defines the mood and style of his songs as “Haunting melodies with a melancholic and dramatic mood", he continues by saying, "these types of tunes get stuck in your head for months. They are both creepy and beautiful, sad and relieving. The most beautiful part about writing these kinds of songs is that there's no formula to creating a deeply atmospheric and catchy musical story, you just have to follow whatever comes to you from the infinite pool of sound possibilities, otherwise called silence, my job is to be a dedicated translator."

The song “Selfish Heart” with its psychedelic lyrics and catchy bass line, sets the tone for the entire EP. “The Killer and the Victim” is a heartbreaking ballad about a young woman stuck in an infinite loop of time, where she as the snake eats its own tail. A man who failed to escape from a serial killer Bobby Bates, and trapped at a roadside motel forever, becomes the main character of the following song.
“The Crone” is a soothing and enigmatic melody with a groovy sound.
It is a story about a young man who finds himself in the woods, he doesn't know where he comes from and where he is at the moment, he meets an old lady along the way, who wants to take his life. Later on, he finds out that neither she nor the woods have ever existed.

When describing the process of creating the release, ENAY says "What makes this EP truly special, is the fact that despite all the setbacks and turbulences my creative vision for all four songs has finally come to life, it really felt like giving birth to four children."
The combination of deep, thoughtful lyrics and catchy mesmerizing tunes makes “Haunting 01” a real discovery for all indie rock lovers.
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Haunting 01

Release Date : February 18, 2022
Artist : ENAY
Format : Digital Download

ENAY’s third EP called “Haunting 01” is a set of 4 fictional stories, they live and exist as purely abstract dreams that are not constrained by physical laws, which will make you feel as though you’ve already seen them in your worst nightmares or some other haunting fantasy worlds. The EP was composed in ENAY’s bedroom studio in Vietnam, and fully finished when he moved to Turkey in 2021.